Carron Bathrooms

Made In Britain

  • Welcome to Carron Bathrooms

    With a wide range of baths including Luxury, Freestanding, Duo, Shower and Whirlpool baths, Carron Bathrooms has a bath to suit you and your bathroom.

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  • Carronite™ from Carron Bathrooms

    Carronite™ is Carron’s unique, patented manufacturing process. We are so confident in the strength and quality of Carronite™ that we offer a 30 year manufacturer warranty.

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  • The C-Lenda Whirlpool system from Carron

    The C-Lenda Whirlpool system is the most technologically advanced system available on today’s market. This unique jet system ensures the most comfortable bathing experience.

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  • The Urban - A product of its environment

    Taking its inspiration from the urban environment, this bath has an angular look that does not detract from its comfort. At home in modern city apartments and stylish homes alike the Urban is the modernist’s choice.

The Name For Baths

Welcome to the complete guide to the Carron range.  The extent of the options available within the range reflect the Carron reputation for design and manufacturing excellence. We have made it easy for you to search the range by your own interest.  Below are links to the newest designs from Carron, available from Jan 2012. At the bottom of the page, there are links to the main areas of interest when searching for a bath.  Where you can search by category, by type of bath or by the size required.