Top 5 Tips for: Wellness Bathrooms

There are a number of things you can do to turn your bathroom into a space that restores both body and mind. Here are our top five tips…


1. Scents for the senses.

Everyone loves a candle, but with the added benefit of aromatherapy scents, they can do more than just create a nice atmosphere. Lavender is an ideal scent for the bathroom as it has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety and if you are having your bath close to bedtime, it can improve the quality of your sleep. You could also try bergamot, with its ability to reduce heart rate, blood pressure and stress, it’s ideal for a long, relaxing bath.


2. Colour your experience

You don’t have to fit out a whole new bathroom to make it a more conducive environment for wellness. With so many white, smooth surfaces, adding texture and colour through paint is a simple way to change the mood of a room. Blues are non-clinical and create a feeling of calm, while greens are recognised as the colour of relaxation.


3. Power your way to relaxation

At Carron, we supply C-Lenda Whirlpool systems. Designed by Markon in New Zealand and available in 6 configurations, the hand-fitted jets are flush with the bath wall giving a smooth, continuous surface. Over and above relaxation, whirlpool systems can improve blood circulation and ease sore muscles and joints.


4. Light up your life

Chromo-therapy works on a number of levels, not least to create a warm, colourful atmosphere. Fitted into the bath (and available with some Whirlpool systems) these colour changing, LED lights can help adjust body vibrations to aid health and harmony as well as tackling conditions such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Combine with the physical relaxation of a whirlpool bath for maximum effect.


5. Tidy bathroom, relaxed mind.

Possibly the simplest tip of all! No matter how much you invest into turning your bathroom into a haven of wellness, if the place is a stressful mess, you’ll never fully unwind your body and mind. Clear out clutter, chuck out unused or unusable bottles and containers and clear space for you… then take a deep breath and relax.